How to use Communtu for a system upgrade

September 16, 2009

The user can perfom a system upgrade with the aid of Communtu. For this, a separate home-partition and root-partition. In Ubuntu, information about the partitioning can be found at “System” -> “Administration” -> “System Monitor” -> “File systems”. If no separate home-partition exists, all files from the personal folder must be saved on a second device to prevent file loss. When all files are saved, you can move on reading this instruction. When installing the new Ubuntu, it is a good idea to create a separate home-partition to save your personal files on.

For the upgrade a file containing the installed programs is needed and can be created in four steps:

1. Go to the “Applications” menu, open “Accessories” and click on “Terminal”.
2. When the terminal is open, enter “cd Desktop” so the file is saved on the desktop.
3. Enter “sudo apt-get install debfoster” (you will be promted to enter you password in order to download and install debfoster).
4. After the installation has finished, run this command:

debfoster -sn | tail -n +2 | tr ‘ ‘ ‘\n’ | sort -u > packages.list

Simply mark the above line, right-click and choose “copy”. To paste the command into the terminal, right-click inside the terminal and choose “paste”. The command should be executed automatically. If this is not the case, just press “return” to execute it.

As soon as the file is created, the cursor reappears. You can now close the terminal with a click on the X in the upper right corner.

The created file “packages.list” contains a list with all installed programs which will be reinstalled after the installation of Ubuntu. The file can be edited to remove programs that are nor longer required.

This list can be uploaded to Communtu. To do so, go to “Bundle”,  “New bundle” and click on “Create bundle from a packages-list”. Follow the instructions to upload the list.

You now have your list uploaded to Communtu. Install Ubuntu with the latest CD into your system’s root partition and after that the bundle containing your previously installed software.

This procedure safes a lot of time and if you go through the packages.list and remove programs not needed anymore before uploading, you can clean up your main menu.

Have fun upgrading your Ubuntu with Communtu.