100 preconfigured bundles in Communtu

February 17, 2010

At the beginning, Communtu only had a few bundles. A few people talked about the programs they had installed on their computers and started to break the programs up into bundles, categorized by tasks, and published these bundles at the webpage. Now we have 100 published bundles in many different categories and the number of published bundles is still going up.

Now one may wonder: what is a “bundle”? A bundle is a selection of programs and libraries, sorted by a specific task. It is possible to specify for which version of Ubuntu (Hardy up to Karmic) and which GUI (Gnome, KDE Plasma, XFCE) a bundle can be used. So a bundle can be configured for every version and installed as a regular metapackage.

One of the published 100 bundles is the bundle “Video (basics)”, which installes codecs for the different GUIs. The main focus of this bundle is to give the user the possibility to watch as many different video formats as possible. The bundle “Action” consists of the top-rated action games from playdeb. The bundle “Analysis and statistics” consists of programs and tools for charts, statistics and analyses.

You can find all published bundles in the menu “Bundle” on the webpage. Bundles can be rated and of course it is free for everyone to create own bundles.